Liaison PR

Social Media


Blog creation and maintenance can be a daunting process and we don’t encourage all our clients to take it on. However, if we both believe it is the right decision, we will help you organize your blog around an editorial calendar, which brings focus and order to the process, and enables you to communicate the right messages at the right time.


Liaison believes that writing optimized content for internet search engines is almost as important as the content itself. If done correctly, it can blossom into a powerful, organic link-building program for our clients. Liaison’s SEO Program includes identifying keywords, providing recommendations for new meta tags and optimizing content changes to your website.


With our industry knowledge, we can help you target influential people, and develop relevant and interesting tweets. While we encourage our clients to manage their own presence on Twitter, we are always on hand when assistance and advice are needed.


There’s more to Facebook then posting the latest news bits.  Done correctly Facebook can help you build and nurture a thriving community of evangelists that will help spread your message to all their friends. And since we now live in a world of media overload, the best results often come from word of mouth.