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Digital-Tutors Announces Free Training to Get TurboSquid Models CheckMate Certified

Three Tutorials for Maya, 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D Assist in High-Quality Model Creation; Digital-Tutors Added to CheckMate’s Advisory Board

Oklahoma City, OK - March 12, 2015 – Digital-Tutors, a Pluralsight company and provider of the world's leading creative e-learning resource, today announced the release of three new tutorials that teach artists how to prepare their 3D models for TurboSquid’s CheckMate Certification process. Available now, the tutorials are free and cover Maya, 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D workflows.

Developed with TurboSquid, the Digital-Tutors tutorials use a series of easy-to-follow videos that reveal how to correct critical mistakes artists can make in the 3D modeling process. Gaining certification for models helps validate model quality and provides artists with the opportunity to make more money on their 3D assets. The CheckMate Certificationwas created to set a quality standard for their online marketplace. Artists can design for two levels – CheckMate Pro and CheckMate Lite – which signify various attributes like error-free rendering, clean UVs and real-world scaling.

"We want our customers to trust that when we say something is production-ready and has the CheckMate seal, it is", said Beau Perschall, VP, Business Development and CheckMate Evangelist at TurboSquid. "Creating a system that confirms this ensures consistency for our customers and rewards our dedicated artists for going the extra mile. These tutorials are a great way of making that balance more attainable."

The latest series in Digital-Tutors’ 35,000+ video library is taught by lead modeling instructor, Justin Marshall, who was also added to the CheckMate advisory board. With a production history that includes Sony Imageworks, as well as countless Digital-Tutors lessons under his belt, Justin’s approachable style helps users of all skill levels learn key certification steps in under two hours.

“Digital-Tutors has always been about empowering artists, whether they want to add to their skill set or become a 3D entrepreneur,” said Kyle Green, director of creative content at Digital-Tutors. “With the CheckMate tutorials, artists can get a much better understanding of creating the high-quality models studios and companies are looking to purchase, and earn more from their models along the way."

The tutorials can be accessed on the Digital-Tutors website here.              

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