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Digital-Tutors Releases New "Introduction to Unity 5" Tutorial

Learn to Create a Sharable Game; Tutorial is Free for 30 Days

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 7, 2015) – Digital-Tutors, a Pluralsight company and provider of the world's leading creative e-learning resource, today announced the release of the highly anticipated "Introduction to Unity 5" tutorial.

The new Unity training includes over 4 hours and 30 minutes of training content that teaches the viewer how to create a game that they can share with others. Important aspects of using Unity 5 are covered including interface comprehension, project creation, character set-up and the development of materials, terrains, and characters.

For 30 days, Digital-Tutors will release this exclusive tutorial for free (until May 7th). Viewers will be able to access every video in the course, as well as all the assets needed for their guided training, taught by an experienced industry professional.

With the rise in popularity of 2D/3D games and interactive experiences, Unity has become one of the leading game engines, enabling developers to launch their work on over 20 different platforms, including mobile apps, consoles like XBox and Playstation, in-browser experiences and more. Unity's decision to make its game engine free to learn has helped its growth and made it accessible for all to learn. The new "Introduction to Unity 5" tutorial aids in that growth by helping any developer or artist quickly create their own games or interactive projects.

"With the rapid advancements of game engines, it's an interesting time for anyone wanting to create and publish their own game to the masses," said Joshua Kinney, Digital-Tutors' lead games instructor.” This introductory course will quickly get anyone familiar with Unity and give them confidence to keep using it to make their projects a reality!" 

The full "Introduction to Unity 5" is available to all Digital-Tutors and Pluralsight members through their subscription, or free to anyone for the next 30 days when they use the course’s promotional page.

New Unity 5 tutorials are currently being produced to help developers and artists continue to get more out of the powerful Unity game engine. Additional game development training is also available for asset creation, programming, design and more.

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