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DarbeeVision Launches DVP-5100CIE Digital Video Processor with phaseHD

Stunning Depth and Picture Clarity for Home Theaters Secured by Additions of Bulletproof HDMI, USB Firmware Upgradeability and Rack-Mounted Architecture

Denver, Colo. – Sept. 10, 2014 – Displays fail when it comes to depth and clarity. Not anymore. With the launch of DarbeeVision’s new DVP-5100CIE digital video processor, home theater owners can enjoy the height of digital realism, the security of phaseHD integration, and the convenience of USB firmware upgrades.

A recent winner of the EXC!TE Award, the DVP-5100CIE unlocks the complete detail set embedded in digital imagery, restoring a level of depth and realism that even 4K displays can’t touch. No time delays during processing also eliminates the lip-sync issues attributed to most video processors, making it ideal for movies and video games where lag is not an option.

“The DVP-5100CIE is as plug-and-play as it gets,” said Larry Pace, President of DarbeeVision. “Troubleshooting is a headache no installer wants, which is why we integrated a technology solution that makes HDMI installations bulletproof. Now no matter where you put the 5100CIE in your video chain, you’ll always have a clear, clean line to the best image possible.”

With the ability to extend HDMI up to 50 meters, phaseHD integration removes frustrating handshake issues that create quality loss and signal degradation. Better interoperability between source and display means the end user gets a consistent, one-of-a-kind experience that augments any home theater system. Now rack-mountable, the DVP-5100CIE is even easier to install as well.

“I love watching people’s reactions when they see Darbee for the first time,” added Pace. “It’s always a smile and once that picture changes, there’s no going back.”

Pricing and Availability

The DVP-5100CIE is priced at $499 and will be available in November. Customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer for availability using DarbeeVision’s locator tool.

About DarbeeVision

Formed in 2009 as a privately held company, DarbeeVision Inc. is headquartered in Orange, California. DarbeeVision has developed proprietary technologies that bring a revolutionary level of depth and realism to digital images. By integrating Visual Presence into existing digital image media devices, pictures can be made better than what even the most perfect camera and display can achieve -- much better in fact, by using computation to process an image in the same way the brain does, actually helping the eyes see images the way the brain expects them to look. DarbeeVision's technology is available to OEMs as IP for licensing. For information, call 714-787-1006, email: or visit

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