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PR Tips: Trade Show Edition

Are you planning out a trade show press strategy right now? Maybe SIGGRAPH is creeping up faster than you were anticipating? At Liaison PR, we know a thing or two about making a big splash at the big show.

Here's some tips we've learned over the past 15 years.

1. Determine if you have enough news for a press release

Be honest. No news disguised as news won't lead to coverage.

2. Yes? Draft a press release 

Readers need to walk away with info on announcement(s), how they can find you at the show and what events you are participating in. Since most companies send press their releases the day the show opens, send yours the week before.

3. Schedule press meetings

Ask show's marketing director for press list and contact your targets. If you didn't have news to share, ask to update press on recent developments and future projects.

4. Create an engaging press presentation

Make it simple, make it visual, make it intriguing.

5. Let your customers tell your story

Bring them to a press meeting, have them present at your booth or offer up case studies (in narrative form) to press.


  • Get to the point 
  • Information beats buzzwords
  • Make it really easy to read 
  • A call to action goes at the end
  • Include dates and times

Here's one we wrote for Luxology.


  • Text: less is more
  • Images: funny or stunning
  • Messages: have a plan
  • Prep: know your key points
  • Validation: via customers, stats and graphs

Here's a good example of a general presentation from a client who knows how to do it. Chaos Group.


Who better to sell your product or service to a skeptical press contact than a professional that loves it? 

Press like these types of tales:

  • High-profile clients
  • Big projects
  • Innovative uses
  • Recent events 
  • Educational elements

Here's one we wrote for Wacom.