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New Client Announcement: ViZn Energy Systems

Energy is a hot topic. Between price fluctuations and sustainability questions the demand for an oil alternative has never been higher. The problem with the solar, wind, and bio-fuel solutions that have sprung up to save us is that they can be inefficient. 50% energy waste at last count, meaning they really need a solution of their own.

Meet ViZn Energy Systems and their Z20 battery. The Z20 is how utilities, industrial complexes and renewable producers are going to finally store energy safely. Born from 8 years of Department of Energy research, ViZn’s technology might just be the missing link that makes alternative energy the norm for the masses.

Being from Portland, you can bet that we are pumped to be working with ViZn. Around the office, we like to imagine a day where local or home energy is the way things work. And with ViZn, that's where things may be going. Follow us for updates, and check out ViZn’s Facebook for more info.