Liaison PR News Room

Joscelyn Zell : Our New General Manager Means Business

Hailing from the grizzled streets of NoPo and fitter than a mama lion, Joscelyn Zell comes to Liaison with a desire to dominate and build relationships. Yes, in that order. We love her though and respect her years spent in the consumersphere filtering out Xbox happenins’ to news-thirsty tech conglomerates and home-if-you-call bloggers. This is a woman whose mind is that of a surgeon – smart and sharp. She sees your information and raises you a story. You listening news media? She’ll be knocking on your inbox soon enough.

Perhaps I’ve steered you wrong though. I’ve presented our dear JZ as all business, no play. To believe such a thing would lead you down a grave path of ill-informity, and since no one wants that, let’s dive deeper. Currently, Ms. Zell is resting after a hard war waged against a mountain. No medals were passed out, but that’s because none were created. No, Joscelyn doesn’t need things like that. She knows that she could take Man vs. Wild down with her superior strength and endurance. And for that we salute her, and give her chocolate bars. She loves them, and even though we hope they will slow her down, we still lose every foot race against her. By a lot. 

So here’s to you, oh titan of the media plan. We welcome you with open arms.