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Can you Afford it? Adaptu's New iPhone App Will Let You Know

Adaptu Wallet Brings Real-Time Financial Picture to User’s Phone

Portland, Ore.December 12, 2011 — Today, a top online financial life planning and management service, announces the availability of its iPhone companion application – Adaptu Wallet.

 Adaptu Wallet is the only mobile wallet app on the market with a predictive view that will actually help users plan, adjust and account for future dated transactions and view their cash flow past, present and future. The app, which was designed to empower users to make informed purchasing decisions, also allows consumers to set spending and savings goals to see how those affect their finances in the future.

 “Adaptu Wallet is the first of its kind to actually tell consumers whether they can afford something or not, helping prevent buyer’s remorse,” said Mark Brundage, Head of Business Development at Adaptu. “Unique to Adaptu Wallet is the ability to show current and past spending trends and then predict your future cash flow, helping people avoid overspending before they actually do.”

Adaptu announces this mobile enhancement as the first of many changes it plans to introduce over the coming months to better serve members. “When making purchases, many people wonder ‘Can I Afford That?’ With our unique to Adaptu Wallet feature of future dated transactions or planned spending, users can now see how a purchase would impact their monthly spending goals, or enable them to set the date for some time in the future for more controlled budgeting,” said Brundage.

In addition to accounting for upcoming bills and expenditures, tracking rewards programs and points and continuously monitoring user’s accounts, Adaptu Wallet allows users to safely and conveniently manage their finances directly on their iPhone – no matter where they are:

  • Adaptu Wallet is the only iPhone app that automatically tracks and manages finances, future bills and expenses, and reward cards and programs, giving users a personalized and accurate picture of their available cash on the go.

  • Track, manage and connect to checking, savings, credit card, investment, 401(k), loan, and reward accounts all in one, secure place.

  • Set realistic saving and spending goals by including future expenses and bills to provide a “true” view of available cash.

  • Adaptu Wallet automatically updates and organizes customer’s accounts and transactions while on the go.

  • Account information is always secure and is accessible only after logging into an iPhone and then by using a personalized Adaptu Wallet password code. All information is encrypted using bank-level security and is constantly monitored.

  • Users can view their cash flow past, present and future to see trends in spending.

  • Adaptu Wallet is completely automated and synched to the Adaptu website wherever users are, so there’s no need to duplicate transactions or deposits.

  • Users can snap photos of membership, rewards and business contact cards and securely store them in Adaptu Wallet.

  • Adaptu Wallet is the only financial iPhone app that allows users to visually customize their accounts and views.


Adaptu Wallet is available on the iTunes App Store today and is free through the end of the year. There are also future plans for an Android version of the app.

Download Adaptu Wallet for the iPhone here:

About Adaptu

Adaptu is a free, online service that puts you in charge of your financial future by giving you the tools, community and information you need to make sound financial decisions. Whether aggregating all your financial account information into one view or planning a budget, Adaptu provides the financial tools and information to get you started, the support to stay on track and the motivation to succeed. And now with the new iPhone app, Adaptu Wallet, you can manage your finances on the go — when you need to the most.