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Wacom to Spotlight Interactive Pen Displays for Presentation and Education Markets at NAB 2011

New Customized Radial Menu and Pen-on-screen Workflow Offer Increased Control and Productivity

VANCOUVER, Wash. – April 7, 2011 – Wacom® provides broadcast, presentation and teaching professionals with the ability to move to fully collaborative and streamlined digital workflows by creating innovative and intuitive pen input products that meet their unique needs. At NAB 2011, Wacom (booth #SL 10020) will showcase the company’s latest interactive pen displays for digital content creation, video editing, telestration and presentation. NAB takes place April 11 - 14, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

At this year’s show, a section of Wacom’s booth will be dedicated to its vertical market interactive pen displays, including the DTU-2231. From the boardroom to the classroom, the widescreen, high definition (HD) DTU-2231 offers “pen-point” control and integrates seamlessly with applications such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, the predominant software application for corporate presentations, training sessions and lectures. By combining the DTU’s natural, pen-on-screen capabilities with the new preconfigured radial menu option, education and presentation users gain valuable annotation and mark-up capabilities.

“Wacom’s customized radial menu was created to help enrich the use of PowerPoint by giving users quick and easy access to annotation tools for lively and engaging presentations,” said Stan Ueno, Senior Product Manager for Wacom. “We’ve made it easy by placing the tools directly below the pen tip for immediate on-screen access, eliminating the need to memorize keyboard shortcuts or search for PowerPoint menus in the middle of a presentation.”

The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas maintains 19 academic departments, offering degrees in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. In order for the college to move forward and support instruction through smarter classroom technology, provide the best equipment for faculty and staff use, and embrace digital communication tools for operations such as Web communications and distance learning, technology has become an integral part of the college. As a result of the strategic planning conducted at the college, a major commitment has been made to the installation and maintenance of direct on-screen input technologies, which are designed to optimize presentation proficiency and interactivity. All of the college's classrooms and most of the conference and seminar rooms now incorporate interactive classroom technology.

“We've been incorporating the 16" Wacom interactive pen displays (DTU-1631) in our technology-based classrooms and have found them to be great for use with screen annotation tools that are often needed in a classroom environment,” said Chris Clanton, Fulbright College Smart Room coordinator at the University of Arkansas. “The video quality is superb, and set-up is a breeze on both Mac and Windows. We're definitely going to continue using Wacom displays as an integral part of our technology classroom design.”

Wacom is leading the technology charge by giving presenters real-time capabilities to digitally organize and manipulate concepts directly on-screen, and annotate over materials with a pen as naturally as they would on paper. Additionally, since the work is completely digital, it can be saved and shared immediately. For additional information about Wacom’s advanced pen technology and industry partners, please visit

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Founded in 1983, Wacom®'s vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions. The advanced technology of Wacom's innovative input devices has been used to create some of the most exciting digital art, films, designs, interactive classrooms and corporate boardrooms around the world. In addition, Wacom provides business and home users with the ability to explore digital content in a comfortable and intuitive way. Today, millions of customers use Wacom's cordless, battery-free, pressure-sensitive pen technology to enhance their digital workflow. Visit for more information.