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Joscelyn Zell

“Go to Zell” might sound a little inflammatory, but it’s actually great advice for anyone looking to add a strategic shake-up to a PR plan. Admittedly, that sounds like a state of mind, but in our office it is just shorthand for Joscelyn Zell, a dynamic little lady who for the last 17 years has used Portland, Oregon as the control tower from which her globally-facing work charges up and out. 

Over the years, she has launched the Kinect, prepared a few start-ups for their big break and even doused a few crisis fires before they consumed her clients. Ask her what she loves most though, and she'll say "disruptive ideas." If it feels new, looks new and terrifies the competition, Joscelyn's mind will say, "give it to me." On second thought, that phrase is actually quite telling in general, like it's her unspoken mantra or something. She's asks for the ball because she's ready to play, and she never passes the buck because she owns what gets left out on the court. The net gain of this is that when she leads her colleagues or clients out into the media jungle, you can trust that everyone is coming out alive. And if history does in fact repeat itself, they tend to come back with a few more riches and/or stories to their name. 

It is something to behold either in crisis or fortune, and that's why we tell our clients that they need to "Go to Zell."