Liaison PR

Client & Press Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials

  • We needed our industry to see what we saw internally: that we were growing, that we were innovating, and that we were knocking at the door of the big boys. Liaison took that story and brought back the attention we wanted, in the style we wanted it in.

    - - Jim Richardson

    OptiTrack CEO

  • Kaydara would not have been successful had it not been for the close collaboration we had with Liaison.

    - - Michel Besner

    Kaydara President and Co-founder

  • Liaison helps us generate great press while ensuring our messages that go out to the market are clear and compelling.

    - - Dan Farr

    DAZ 3D President and Co-founder

  • I strongly encourage anybody out there to consider working with Liaison: they’re irritatingly good.

    - - Dr. Sébastien Deguy

    Allegorithmic Founder and CEO

  • Contracting Liaison is one of the best business decisions I have made for Luxology.

    - - Brad Peebler

    Luxology President

Our Press Testimonials

  • Liaison representatives bring with them deep knowledge and understanding of the digital media market and as a result they have a very clear understanding of the kinds of information we're looking for, or the right angle for a story.

    - - Kathleen Maher

    Jon Peddie & Associates Vice President

  • Liaison understands the flood of news that comes across my desk and never wastes my time with information that is not in my publication’s focus.

    - - Steve Robbins

    Desktop Engineering Executive Editor

  • I really enjoy working with Liaison! They stand out among the PR firms I interface with as being the most engaged in getting the story out. It's impressive.

    - - John West

    insideHPC Editor In-Chief

  • I've had the opportunity to deal with many PR firms, but Liaison is hands down one of the best.

    - - Jeff Mottle

    CG Architect Editor In-Chief

  • Liaison PR has always supplied me with clean text, bright people and fresh clients. What else could I need in a PR agency?

    - - Paul Hellard

    CGSociety Editor In-Chief