Liaison PR

About Us

We see monsters. And superheroes. And the future by prototypes. It’s just a fact of life when you’ve spent the last 21 years partnering up with the artists, designers and various wunderkinds working in and around the 3D graphics industry.

At Liaison Public Relations, our focus has always been trained to this industry because we are fans, pure and simple – which makes advocating for our clients a natural extension of our own enthusiasm.

Our passion does not stand alone though. Our work rings out because we dive deep, plan well and execute beautifully. Attribute that to experience, creativity, and insight – we guarantee them all – but also trust that as you walk forward into the ever-changing world of media relations, what you gain will be real and measurable. Ask our clients and they’ll tell you: Your message thrives with us.

So give us your tales, your benchmarks, your big ideas yearning to roam free. We’ll develop them and spread them far and wide. Especially if they are about monsters.